"You are ready to sing for the world."

– Andrea Bocelli



     MARGO JOY'S life has been guided by a simple motto. Never Lose Sight of Your Dreams™. As a young girl, MARGO wrote the song "Never Lose Sight of Your Dreams™," as well as a motivational book entitled the same, to inspire others to believe in themselves. "Your dream is who you are.“ “My first inspiration was Mariah Carey," she says. "She wrote her own pop songs and performed them. I knew that is what I wanted to do!" MARGO JOY'S goal is to become a world renown recording artist.

     A melodic genius, MARGO JOY'S songs have longevity. To add to her talent of songwriting, is MARGO JOY'S unique dynamic vocal quality, a voice full of richness and soul pours out into her lyrics. Her songs tell about situations that everyone goes through in their lifetime, people can relate to her lyrics and are touched by them. Her first self produced website, showing thousands of hits, were visited by many fans daily, anxious to buy her first album. As Andrea Bocelli himself said, “MARGO, you are ready to sing for the world.”

     "I was very shy when I was in elementary school. I decided if singing was my dream, I would have to follow my heart and I could not be afraid to spread my wings and fly. I had to be the person I truly wanted to be and have no fear." She auditioned for the school talent show in 7th grade, performing her rendition of, "All I Ask of You," from the musical, Phantom of the Opera, she clearly shocked and impressed everyone. Since that time, musical theatre productions, school talent shows, pep rally performances, vocal training, songwriting, and singing National Anthem's at community and sporting events is how MARGO has occupied most of her time.

     Continuing towards her goal, she enrolled as a music major, with numerous scholarships from vocal competitions to Florida State University. As a freshman, she auditioned for the school opera production, but was repeatedly told that freshman have no chance of appearing in the show. MARGO believed in herself and her talent. Her faith in herself paid off when she was cast in the show, impressing the nay sayers. Finally, she felt that her dream was at hand.

    She made her first appearance singing the National Anthem before a Florida Marlins baseball game, an honor she would repeat every year after. Followed by performances for the Miami Dolphins, Florida Panthers, Miami Heat, Florida Air Fair, and the American Legion. MARGO JOY'S dream was launched to a higher level, before she knew it, at the request of promoter Don King, she was singing the National Anthem at the Middle Weight Boxing Championship at Madison Square Garden. "An unbelievable moment in my life, a dream come true to sing live in front of 18,250 people and a global television audience in the millions!" MARGO JOY was given the honor to perform "God Bless America" for the Heroes Ball IV, at the 2017 Presidential Inauguration, opening for Bret Michael's in concert.

     MARGO enjoys other aspects of the entertainment sector as well. Over the past year, she has made appearances in films, television shows, commercials, voiceovers, and with her photogenic ability has also added modeling to her resume as well. Writing songs, musicals, motivational books, children’s books, jingles, and greeting cards are more of MARGO JOY'S many talents! Never losing sight of her dream each day, MARGO uses her singing career to touch people, communicate values, and moral lessons. A future star is already shining!


"The world will hear my songbird and she will be # 1 on the charts. 

– Don King, World Renowned Promoter


"Remember her name, the world will hear her voice and she will be cherished for generations to come."

– Cantor Yehuda Shifman, World Renowned 9th generation Cantor

Tel Aviv, Israel

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