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Singer hits high notes for South Florida teams

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She started writing songs when she was 10 yrs old and growing up in Boca Raton she never lost sight of her dreams. Those dreams have since helped her to become a recording artist. Her name is Margo Joy, and through her music she looks to touch people in a positive way so that she can and heal them.

"I want to be the type of singer that is a role model for all ages where I can help them with any life experiences that they are going through and give them a sense of strength," Margo Joy said. "In these hard economic times, I feel people need hope and faith. I want to guide them in the right direction through my music so they can feel love, happiness, and peace."

The sporting world became aware of Margo Joy, in the mid-1990s when she made her first appearance singing the national anthem before a Florida Marlins game at Pro Player Stadium. She has continued to do so year after year, with the 2009 season being her 14th with the South Florida baseball team.

"The Marlins won that day I sang, and they always win when I sing," said Margo Joy, laughing. "I make sure they win the days I sing. I'm very concerned about that."

Standing between home plate and the pitcher's mound, Margo Joy typically performs during commercial breaks. "I don't get nervous before I sing in front of large crowds," she said. "I get excited. The smaller crowds can be more intimidating because they are more up close and personal."

Margo Joy gained a substantial fan base at her next stop. The crowd on hand was rocking before the puck was dropped at center ice of a Florida Panthers' home game at the Miami Arena.

"I remember finishing the anthem and they dropped the puck for the opening faceoff before I stepped off the ice," Margo Joy said. "I didn't learn until later that night when I walked into The Cheesecake Factory in Boca Raton that everyone who happened to be there watching the game said I was live on television. I got a copy of it through a friend who recorded the game."

As part of her national anthem routine, Margo Joy emphasizes "O'er the land of the free." She does her best to alternate between traditional and pop/r&b renditions, depending on the event. Her affinity for the latter came in handy prior to a Miami Heat game at American Airlines Arena.

"I was ready to give my pop/r&b concert at that point, because it adds some soul to the place," Margo Joy said. "There's such a difference. I think the audience is definitely effected. It depends on the crowd and the people's interest. The national anthem must be respected, and a lot of times, the classical way is the way to go."

A trained opera singer, Margo Joy has performed classical national anthems for the American Legion at its Memorial Day Concert at the Mizner Park Amphitheatre and at Memorial and Veterans Day ceremonies in Boca Raton.

She's also performed at the Florida Air Fair at the Florida Air Park, the Chris Evert Celebrity Tennis Tournament in Mission Bay, the Palm Beach Imperials at Florida Atlantic University and the Israeli Independence Day Concert at B'nai Torah.

Another one of Margo Joy's dreams came true when she sang "God Bless America" at the end of the first quarter of the Miami Dolphins' home opener in 2004.

"My dream was to sing in front of a packed stadium of 70,000 people, so I made sure that happened," Margo Joy said. "Usually, the eight home games in football are for celebrities, so for me to actually have the chance to do it was exciting."

Joy also performed before Felix Trinidad's middleweight boxing match against William Joppy in 2001 at Madison Square Garden.

"They told me I was the first unknown to sing at MSG for a major televised event," Margo Joy said. "[It was] an unbelievable moment in my life."


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